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A Car Owner’s Guide for Savings

Car ownership is expensive. Apart from the money that you shell out for outright purchase or for monthly payments, you need to consider other expenses that are commonly associated with it. Out-of-pocket expenses including state fees, gasoline, maintenance, repairs, and insurance are just some of the many factors that you need to consider if you purchase a brand new car. Although an expensive purchase, cars are important in our daily lives. Here are some strategies that can help you save thousands of dollars over your vehicle’s lifetime.

  1. Sensible driving practices

You can save a significant amount of cash if you start driving sensibly. Do not waste gas through driving aggressively and through rapid acceleration. Hard braking is also identified to use up gas quickly. Aggressive driving habits are known to reduce gas mileage by 33% at high speeds and 5% around busy streets.

  1. Cruise at consistent 55 mph

Gas mileage is known to decrease once your speed exceeds 50 mph, thus making it practice to set your cruise control. Going beyond this cruise speed can mean an additional 20 cents per gallon of gas.

  1. Stop idling

If you are parked, it is highly recommended to turn your engine off altogether. Idling can use up to a quarter of gallon per hour. Starting your engine on the other hand only takes 10 seconds worth of fuel. During the wintertime, don’t leave your engine warm. It is high advised that during this time of year, to drive slowly 30 seconds before acceleration.

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