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Discover Why Eating Fish Is Good For You

I live in a world where the number of people eating red meat is on the rise. This is not good for the planet, especially with the population still growing. Animals that are bred for red meat release a lot of methane into the atmosphere, which is a short term greenhouse gas. The worse problem though is that a lot of agricultural land has to be used to produce animal food. Eating fish helps to lower the greenhouse particles, and frees up land for farming food for humans.

On a more individual level, the benefits of consuming fish are numerous (including keeping you from herpes breakout). One of the best types of fish are those which contain omega-3. This oil is known as one of the good ones, and is used by the brain to improve transmission between neurons. This in turn helps with a person’s memory and nerve function. Fish are also full of a lot of vitamins and minerals, all of them required by our body to keep it healthy. By taking in these nutrients on a regular basis, they certainly help me to feel much fitter, and they will improve my long term health, and hopefully my lifespan.