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Installing Venetian Blinds In A New Home

stencil.blog-post-imageHaving moved into a new home last week, it has taken ages to unpack all of the boxes. I never knew that I had collected so much stuff in my life (including Sälekaihtimet) until I had to put it all in cardboard boxes ready for the removal men to shift for me. The new house was decorated before moving in, complete with new carpets. All this was down to me, as there is nothing worse than painting when the place is full of furniture. Even worse is having to move everything in order to put new carpet down.

Now that I am starting to get everything sorted, I need to put up the venetian blinds in the kitchen. As they are not the most important aspect of keeping my privacy, I was in no rush to do the job. The kitchen window is quite wide, so I had to purchase new blinds. As I installed the ones in the old house I should be able to do the new ones. Although that was a few years ago, so I hope I can remember how I did it. Hopefully the house will be looking lived in soon, and I can take a rest. Thank you Sälekaihtimet.